Dear Customers,

How are you?
Welcome to the Tokyo Lunch Box and Catering website.
We, at Tokyo Lunch Box and Catering, care about our customers.
Our relentless pursuit of freshness and quality is priority number one.
For the last seven years, we have provided the highest quality of sushi.
Thus, we only provide the best of fish through a US FDA approved seafood shipping corporation that strictly follows the HACCP guidelines.
We are also a company that is health conscious.
We provide a menu that is low in fat, low in calories, and low in cholesterol.
We are the new health trend in today's food industry. We also meet the daily needs of our customers.
We have not raised the price of our sushi for the last seven years and plan to keep the same price for the next three years.
We are also considered the "Express Taste of Japan" as we provide ready to go containers for our customers with busy schedules, which also explains why six of our seven restaurants are located in the Chicago Loop. Lastly, we are an Asian fast food enterprise that creates food which provides a cultural experience for our customers.
The sushi that our chef's create not only taste good, but is an innovation of many cultures in Asia, thus, it can be said that our sushi is a fusion of flavors from Korea, Japan, Mongolia, China, etc.
In addition, with a vision of opening restaurants in ten major cities by 2010 as well as growing internationally by 2011, I, as the president, know that our company will transform the way our customers live.
Because Tokyo Lunch Box and Catering will become a place for you to experience my philosophy of life; "EAT WELL! LIVE WELL!".


Jimmy Kim